Text Free Drivers distracted driving app for iPhone has been improved with new enhancements for personal safety and new

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Trip Tracker features. Text Free Drivers is a companion app for those who pledge to not text and drive from the AT&T #itcanwait program. In version 2.4 is an easy-to-use Trip Tracker. Click to start Driver Alert and Tracker or the Trip Tracker alone if you just want to track your travels including time and distance – a very useful tool for anyone driving, bike riding or even walking. In addition, you can share your trip via email as well as delete it.

Personal Siren & 911 Calling

In Text Free Drivers 2.4 there is also a one-touch personal siren to alert people you may be in harm as well as one-touch 911 calling from within the app. Users can create a custom "help me" message and post it with 1-touch to Facebook, Twitter and SMS with time and location along with a siren sound from the iPhone. Once user is safe there is a 1-touch message alert to all the platforms selected.

TextFreeDrivers is a free iPhone app to assist drivers who have pledged to not text and drive. Although there are laws in nearly every US state to address texting and driving, many people cannot resist the urge to pick up their iPhone to answer or read that latest text or notification. This app will not prevent a driver from texting while behind the wheel, it can be used as a deterrent and/or reminder to put the phone and arrive safely.

The app is designed to sound an alarm when the phone is picked up from a resting state. The alarm is selected from one of the default alarms, or can be a personalized customized message can be recorded. Any photo can be added live or from Gallery to the recording was well. A recorded reminder from a loved one, close friend, parent, grandparent or brother/sister along with their picture might make the difference to somebody who has trouble resisting the urge to text and drive.

Text Free Drivers is sponsored by Stringfellow Insurance committed to helping and aiding drivers to not text and drive.

TextFreeDrivers is one of the many apps such as HashNewsGram, ZoomLite, Basketball Fans, ReallyReal, Sports Fans Club, Football Fans Club, iSeekSugar, BiEyes, iFlipTips, SleepTracs, iSeekSugar, MedsMinders, BaseballFansClub, RewardsVIPClub, and others from TECHtionary. Text Free Drivers is available for private label and custom features – email cross@gocross.com for details.