Why you should develop an offline mobile application for your venture?

Using a smartphone is a trendy thing, and almost everyone has one, but using the device without an internet connection, it is quite impossible to install any mobile application. The idea of building an offline mobile application lands from here itself. As this one of the new booming trend and the best part is the developers building mobile applications are taking a significant interest in making such applications for their users.

Have a look at the below statistics published by Business2Community:

As of March 2017, the countries in the world excluding Asian (other than China) and African have the highest penetration of internet access. In the midst of 2000-2017, the penetration is said to be enhanced by 7,557.2% and 1,539.4% respectively.

Edge on competition:

The market for application is quite huge, and there are always one or more competitors on considering Lyft and Uber or Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. People can choose the application based on many factors, some of them do opt for better functionality while some of another look for top-notch UI or UX design. But if your competitor has an online application while you are sourcing an offline one. In zones where there is no network the chance for winning the competition are very much higher.

The above-stated figures clear it that the revolution will not stop in the middle. There is quite a huge population using the potential and current applications for the users. Considering the United States the users using the offline mobile application are about 15%, and they are quite fond of them at any hour of the day they can be seen passing through subways, traveling or famous dead zones where there is no network for them.

Mobile applications are said to be booming all over the globe and deliver their awesome features, and for the online business their contribution has been immense and is quite efficient. There are many mobile application companies with the handheld experience of building offline applications for you and there developers do strive hard to bring and adopt new technologies and develop new tools for making and launching mobile apps in the market.

At OSI we build a customized offline mobile application for our clientele and looks forward to delivering the best of the outcome in minimum possible time.

Have you thought about spending your life without an internet connection, mobile application and smartphones?

This is something that we cannot think of in today's era as soon as our internet pack gets finished we recharge our mobiles to get connected to the internet as quickly as possible. The reason is apparent we are highly addicted to the internet, mobile applications and smartphones and all these amenities are interconnected too. If you have a smartphone with no internet connection, then it becomes quite difficult to install the mobile application. To fill the gap building offline mobile application is a trend nowadays and people working in the same industry are quite keen to innovate with a different algorithm to develop the offline application.

Before we proceed ahead let's know about what are these offline mobile applications?

Do know if we have a look at some of the trendiest application used by people nowadays is WhatsApp. The app only works with the help of internet connection and once the connection gets terminated the messages aren't sent until the internet connectivity is received. In other words, the offline applications working offline when there is no internet connectivity allows you to resume your work when you are in the dead zone. If you are a start-up business and are looking forward to building an application then making a customized application can bring huge revenues from the starting point.

Some of the primary reasons for people to develop an offline application for your venture:
  • The users subscribing to your application will love to use it in low network places.
  • Referrals to the friends and nearby people will be high once the users recognize the nuances of using an offline application.
  • People trust their devices and love the application which can trigger instantly and doesn't have any condition applied.
  • While commuting to the office daily most of the people pass through no network zone or while traveling out of the station the offline application can be an icebreaker.
  • Many enterprises can manage their function full-fledged as the application works offline.
  • Medical facilities and consultation can reach far-flung areas as now internet connection is not required to get in touch.
  • Data can be saved in companies while offline, and this can save a lot of time of concerned employees.

    Some of the top benefits attached to mobile application development that will enhance the user experience and can bring enormous profits for business:

    While traveling no roaming cost is incurred:

    Some application can take thousands of your dollars or pounds as they do require a large amount of data network to access. But with the offline app, you can access the application at any expense.

    Loading time is quick:

    The offline application does support many features and is quite beneficial for saving your data too. The reduced connectivity allows offline application as fast loading of the application and streamlines the process of the application.

    Saving on monthly data:

    The mobile application working offline can save a lot of data and money for you especially if you are looking forward to receiving and sending images.

    Saves battery:

    The best benefit for using the offline mobile application is that it keeps a lot of data from the mobile phone while you travel as the mobile can get switch off when you are about to reach your place. To avoid such circumstances try using offline mobile application.


    The whole world is getting smaller with the use of trending technology, and due to the same, the mobile application developers are showing huge indulgence for developing an offline mobile application. The upcoming ventures are suggested to look for an offline mobile app as an option to feature your products and services and can detailed discussion with the OSI, project managers to have a deep insight in the products.

    Undoubtedly the offline mobile application is here to stay and will revolutionize the application market due to its innovative features and the kind of intuitive interface offered by them.